Swordfish Rods

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We built these rods using the same method we use to developed all of our deep drop rods - with product testing and customer feedback leading the way.    

These custom designed high performance blanks were developed in a joint venture between Frigate Sales and Banax.  The action of the blanks is ideal for daytime swordfishing - plenty of backbone - but a very sensitive fast action tip.  This helps detect the subtle swat of a sword's bill,  the gentle lift as the line tension drops, or any abnormality in the action of the bobbing rod tip.  

These blanks are remarkable, we are proud to be offering these premium builds at a very economical price.  The blanks and rods are both manufactured in South Korea (Not China!)  Through this channel we can offer unmatched pricing with top of the line components.  These are not cheap fiberglass blanks like others in this price range offer.  Fiberglass just can't give the fast action blank needed for this type of fishing.  

Both rods are a #2 butt and ferrule, and overall length is the same for both.  

With an Alps long bent butt the rods measures 7'3".

With a Winthrop long adjustabutt the rod measures 6'8".

Your rod choice will depend on the current and the lead size you plan on fishing. 

Light current rods - Gulf of Mexico and Northeast US applications.  Lead weights typically in the 3 - 6# range.  These will be typically fished via the sacrificial weight method.  This rod action will also be very suitable for deep drop fishing as well.   A lot of folks have realized the daytime sword rods are very versatile - the unique action allows them to be well suited for daytiming, deep dropping, and even trolling.  

Heavy current rods - South Eastern Florida through the Carolinas, Southern California as well.  8 - 12# ideal.  


All rods come with a 1 year warranty.